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The Most Incredible Toys Of The Decade: A Retrospective

The Most Incredible Toys Of The Decade: A Retrospective

The Most Incredible Toys of the Decade- A Retrospective

As we come to the end of a decade, it is time to look back and reflect on some of the most incredible children's toys that have graced the market in the past ten years. With technology advancing at an unprecedented rate, toy manufacturers have been able to create toys that are not only fun and entertaining but also educational and innovative. Here, we take a trip down memory lane and revisit some of the most iconic toys of the decade.

1. The Hatchimal

The Hatchimal burst onto the scene in 2016 and took the toy world by storm. This interactive toy starts as an egg that hatches into a virtual pet that kids can nurture and care for. With its unique hatching mechanism and adorable design, the Hatchimal captured the hearts of children everywhere and became a must-have toy for the holiday season.

2. LEGO Boost

LEGO has been a beloved toy brand for decades, but the LEGO Boost set took building to a whole new level. This set combines the classic LEGO bricks with programmable motors and sensors, allowing kids to build and code their own robots. The LEGO Boost set not only provides endless hours of fun but also teaches valuable STEM skills in a hands-on way.

3. Fingerlings

Fingerlings were another toy craze that swept the nation in 2017. These interactive monkey toys cling to your finger and respond to touch and sound with over 40 different animations. With their cute designs and interactive features, Fingerlings quickly became a favorite among kids of all ages.

4. Osmo Genius Kit

The Osmo Genius Kit is a revolutionary educational toy that combines physical play with digital learning. The kit includes several games that help children learn math, spelling, coding, and more through interactive gameplay. With its innovative approach to learning, the Osmo Genius Kit has earned praise from parents and educators alike.

5. Nintendo Switch

While not a traditional toy, the Nintendo Switch has had a huge impact on the way children play games. This hybrid console allows kids to play games on the go or on the big screen, providing versatility and convenience. With popular games like Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the Nintendo Switch has become a must-have for gamers of all ages.

6. Sphero Mini

The Sphero Mini is a pint-sized robot that packs a big punch. This tiny robot can be controlled through a smartphone app and offers a variety of games and activities for kids to enjoy. With its small size and endless possibilities, the Sphero Mini has become a popular choice for tech-savvy kids.

7. Barbie Dreamhouse

Barbie has been a staple in the toy industry for generations, and the Barbie Dreamhouse is the ultimate playset for Barbie fans. This three-story dollhouse features working lights, sounds, and an elevator, providing endless opportunities for imaginative play. With its modern design and interactive features, the Barbie Dreamhouse continues to delight children around the world.

8. Anki Cozmo

Anki Cozmo is a lovable robot with a big personality. This AI-powered robot can recognize faces, play games, and even express emotions. With its advanced technology and interactive features, Anki Cozmo has become a favorite among tech-loving kids.

9. L.O.L. Surprise! Dolls

L.O.L. Surprise! Dolls have taken the toy world by storm with their unique unboxing experience. Each doll comes hidden inside several layers of surprises, including accessories, stickers, and more. With their collectible nature and fun surprises, L.O.L. Surprise! Dolls have become a must-have toy for kids seeking a bit of mystery and excitement.

10. Nintendo Labo

Nintendo Labo combines the creativity of DIY projects with the fun of gaming. This innovative toy allows kids to build their own interactive cardboard creations, known as Toy-Cons, and play games with them on the Nintendo Switch. With its hands-on approach to gaming and endless possibilities for creativity, Nintendo Labo has captured the imagination of kids and parents alike.

In Conclusion

As we look back on the past decade, it is clear that the toy industry has seen significant advancements in innovation and technology. From interactive robots to educational games, the toys of the past ten years have pushed the boundaries of what is possible in playtime. As we look forward to the next decade, it will be exciting to see what new and incredible toys the future holds.

With technology advancing at such a rapid pace, the possibilities for the toys of tomorrow are endless. One thing is for certain: the toys of the next decade are sure to be even more incredible than those of the past.


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