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A Decadal Review: Top 11 Unforgettable Toys Of The 2010s

A Decadal Review: Top 11 Unforgettable Toys Of The 2010s

A Decadal Review- Top 11 Unforgettable Toys of the 2010s

As we bid farewell to the 2010s and enter a new decade, its a perfect time to reflect on the iconic toys that have brought joy to children around the world over the past ten years. From interactive robots to innovative building sets, the 2010s were a decade of exciting advancements in the world of childrens toys. Here, we take a look at the top 11 unforgettable toys of the 2010s.

1. Hatchimals

One of the biggest toy crazes of the decade, Hatchimals burst onto the scene in 2016 and became an instant hit with kids everywhere. These interactive creatures hatch from eggs, revealing a cute and furry friend for children to care for and play with. With different species and personalities to collect, Hatchimals captured the hearts of children around the world.

2. LEGO Mindstorms EV3

LEGO has always been a favorite toy for children of all ages, but the Mindstorms EV3 kit took building and creativity to a whole new level. This customizable robot kit allowed kids to build and program their own robots, providing endless hours of educational fun. The EV3 kit was a standout toy of the 2010s for its innovation and hands-on learning experiences.

3. Fingerlings

These adorable interactive monkeys took the toy world by storm in 2017. Fingerlings could grip onto a childs finger, respond to touch and sound, and even blow kisses. With a variety of colors and species to collect, Fingerlings became a must-have toy for kids of all ages.

4. L.O.L. Surprise!

Unwrapping the layers of surprises in each L.O.L. Surprise! doll became a favorite pastime for kids in the 2010s. These collectible dolls came in mystery packaging, revealing clothes, accessories, and other surprises as kids opened each layer. With a wide range of characters and themes to collect, L.O.L. Surprise! dolls kept children entertained for hours on end.

5. Nintendo Switch

While not technically a toy, the Nintendo Switch brought a new level of gaming experience to children and families in the 2010s. With its innovative design that allowed for both handheld and console gaming, the Switch quickly became a favorite among gamers of all ages. From the iconic Mario Kart to the immersive world of Zelda, the Nintendo Switch offered endless entertainment possibilities.

6. Barbie Dreamhouse

Barbie has been a beloved toy for generations, and the Dreamhouse of the 2010s was a modern update on the classic toy. The Barbie Dreamhouse featured interactive lights, sounds, and accessories, allowing kids to immerse themselves in Barbies world of fashion and fun. The Dreamhouse was a top toy of the decade for its creativity and imaginative play opportunities.

7. Nerf N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike

Nerf blasters have always been a favorite toy for active, imaginative play, and the N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike was no exception. This motorized blaster allowed kids to launch darts rapidly at targets, providing endless hours of fun for kids of all ages. The Rapidstrike was a standout toy of the 2010s for its high performance and exciting gameplay.

8. Shopkins

Shopkins were cute, collectible miniature toys that took the toy world by storm in the 2010s. These tiny characters came in the form of grocery and household items, each with its own unique personality and design. With playsets, blind bags, and various series to collect, Shopkins became a popular toy among children who loved to collect and trade these miniature treasures.

9. Paw Patrol Lookout Playset

Paw Patrol burst onto the scene in the 2010s, becoming a favorite TV show and toy brand among preschoolers. The Paw Patrol Lookout Playset allowed kids to reenact their favorite rescue missions with the pups from Adventure Bay. With its interactive features and miniature figures, the Lookout Playset provided endless imaginative play opportunities for young fans of the show.

10. FurReal Friends Ricky the Trick-Lovin Pup

This lifelike robotic dog became a beloved toy in the 2010s for its interactive features and realistic movements. Ricky the Trick-Lovin Pup could perform a variety of tricks, respond to voice commands, and even interact with his toys. With his expressive eyes and playful personality, Ricky brought joy to children who longed for a furry friend of their own.

11. Osmo Genius Kit

The Osmo Genius Kit combined physical play with digital learning, providing a unique educational experience for children in the 2010s. This interactive gaming system allowed kids to use physical objects to interact with the digital world on a tablet, enhancing learning and creativity in a fun and engaging way. The Osmo Genius Kit was a standout toy of the decade for its innovative approach to learning through play.

As we look back on the top 11 unforgettable toys of the 2010s, its clear that this decade was a time of innovation, creativity, and fun in the world of childrens toys. From interactive creatures to customizable robots, the toys of the 2010s brought joy and excitement to kids of all ages. As we enter a new decade, we can only imagine what the future holds for the next generation of unforgettable toys.


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